Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to the Universe Project

Welcome friends, to the Universe Project website. UP, if you're into acronyms, which we kind of are because they're mostly silly and fun. (For what it's worth, UP sounds a whole lot better to us than DOWN or OUT or HEY, so there you have it.)

Although our name may sound ambitious, the only mission of this website is to encourage people from all walks of life to come joyfully together for a single, common purpose: to do what we can to encourage our species to move more deeply into alignment with the trajectory of universal creation.

What, you ask, is the trajectory of universal creation? Good question. And the answer is...UP, at least the way we see it. You may disagree. If so, feel free to start your own website with your own acronym and ideas. We're not attached to being right, we just enjoy feeling really good about life. If you too like life then you've come to a welcoming place. Sit back and relax.

Next, over there in the red t-shirt. Yes, you. Come on now, don't be shy.

How, you ask, will we know if we're stepping into the cosmic flow, or if we're stepping into something, well...much smellier and worse?

For starters, being in the cosmic flow feels good! To embrace life, to honor nature and its movement toward higher order and greater consciousness, is to recognize what we've been evolving toward since humankind took its first, stumbling steps upon this planet. It's to know ourselves as part of an infinite and eternal process, connected to all that has ever gone before us and all that will ever come later. It's to let go of the need to know all the answers, and instead be free to ask questions, like: who the heck am I, and why on Earth am I here?

It's a good idea not to strain our brains by trying to answer those questions. Any answers we come up with at this early stage in our development will only limit our capacity to change. And if there's a single constant in this immense and awesome universe of ours, it's change. So we mustn't be afraid of change, of stepping into the vast, uncharted unknown of our tomorrow. After all, there isn't anything out there but the unknown. (Another word for it is reality.)

Being afraid of reality doesn't serve much purpose. It's like being afraid of breathing. There's no percentage in fearing what we must do. Life's going to happen whether we like it or not, so we might as well figure out how to enjoy the ride, and perhaps make it better.

What we're proposing here is this: anyone who has a curious mind, an open heart and a desire to connect with others who also don't have much clue as to what it's all about but who too feel an impulse inside themselves to seek out answers - just swing by our home page now and again and offer into the mix what it is you're experiencing or wish to know. We're here to learn from each other, to share our thoughts and feelings and perhaps to teach...but mainly to learn.

Whatever comes of this endeavor, be it magnificent or the mildest of whimpers, I believe our universe is smiling down on us all, the way an indulgent parent might gaze upon its not-too-bright (yet still promising) young child, in hopes that the child will someday outgrow its obnoxious, awkward phase and come into its own - whatever that is. While we may not have an answer yet, let's hope we will make our parental unit proud.

For now then, it's over and UP.

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