Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Am

I am everything that is...I am cloud and rain and earth and tree and flower. I am every fruit I have ever tasted, I am water and fowl and sheep and cattle and lamb. I am forged in the stars, I am sunlight and heat, I am wind and the slow, chill movement of icy glaciers. I am fish and bird and dinosaur...I am Jewish holocaust victim and the one who tormented and killed those innocents. I am crusader, I am warrior, I am heathen and lover of language...I am Jesus, nailed to the cross, and I am those who wielded the hammers that caused such pain. I am Vlad the Impaler and I am Buddha, who sits and smiles because the truth has chosen to make itself known. I am rocks and mountains and sand and oil and the effervescent sheen of a morning rainbow. I am ALL of the ALL; which means I am nothing special, yet everything true.

Every atom within my body is truly non-human. They have gathered together in a playful dance to temporarily sing me into existence. They carry within them the memories of all that has come before me; they hold in their infinite centers the dark, inspiring tales of life in all its mad glory. Death, love, sorrow, bliss...the eternal pleasures and sufferings of a thousand billion trillion infinite moments...all these are etched in atomic electrons that carve their immutable truths into my soul. Whatever I think I know, I know much more than I believe.

My umbilical cord to my mother is the every breath I take - it connects me to this world that holds and loves me. My exhales are a gift to my mother, an energetic offering that feeds my brothers and sisters in this world. Every beat of my heart, every thought in my head, every feeling and sensory perception I have does not belong to ME. It belongs to this world, through which I am temporarily passing in the form I label as "me." I am the gift that keeps on giving unto infinity and beyond, the miracle of the essence of life itself. I have no beginning, no end and no destination.

I AM the journey.

Walk with me?


  1. Wooooooowwwweeeeee! I/we have "truth bumps" all over my body. This is so obviously an expression of your soul and I/we feel it deeply in my/our soul. Thank you for sharing this inner most truth.

    We are gracefully walking together and for that I am eternally grateful. Can't wait to meet in person someday :)


  2. This is my most favorite thing I have ever read of yours. it is beautiful

  3. Lovely Expression Eileen. Truly warm and profound. There were some tremendous similarities between what you wrote and an expression of mine that flowed a few months ago. I thought for sure I'd share with you, knowing you would appreciate and understand where it come from. Here you go... Namaste.

    Who am I? 
    I am the space that gives rise to all expression. 
    I am the silence from where music flows.
    I am the river from which life is created. 
    I am the wind as it comes and as it goes. 

    The experience exists because I am present,
    because I am aware.
    If at anytime there is conflict,
    it can only be because I am with fear. 
    Fear that my I am is in something I don't have,
    as though I was lost, so I seek -grasping for self in the sand. 

    Until I realize the truth of being,
    That the identity that I search for is not found out there
    it was always present, always still, I just wasn't aware. 

    The thoughts that come, are not the thought about.
    My thoughts of others, are not the others but they are thoughts about myself.

    No mental form could be the love that others already are,
    no effort from me could define how bright their star.  

    Any desire to judge or condemn,
    is only an expression of the separation I've created within.
    In those moments I've attempted to find myself in them,
    not realizing the division created divides the mind, leaving it without a friend. 

    For those who desire to define who I am,
    can only know the thoughts they have,
    which is only an idea of me,
    once again something that gets lost in the sand. 

    I am the nameless,
    without definite form,
    in the infinite I live,
    it is all of life that I adore.