Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Humanity Is Perfect Just As It Is.

We are not broken; we do not require redemption or salvation from ourselves. We are wondrous, brilliant, capable, insightful, deeply feeling and deeply appreciative beings. We are an exquisitely unfolding evolutionary movement in the grand and beautiful scheme of cosmic life, waking up to and discovering ourselves mid-purpose. As perfectly evolving aspects of the Divine Creative Process, we have been gifted the virtually unlimited capacity to be more, do more and know more than what we now are. We are not wrong so much as like ignorant children, just now learning how to behave in the larger classroom of life.

Because we are capable of it all - from acts of profound evil to unconditional love for all that is - nothing is inherently our "human nature." We are absolutely free to choose which aspects of the full gamut of living possibilities we want to manifest, and to become that. We have been fully empowered to become our highest vision of our greatest selves in service to all that is. The only things preventing us from achieving that high goal are the limiting and negative stories we tell about ourselves.

What is evolving within us now is not our physiology, but our higher consciousness. The functionality of our minds is expanding exponentially at this time, enabling us to realize just how much we are capable of imagining and creating. The cosmos, by unstintingly revealing to us the consequences of our past actions and by not buffering us from the negative results, is sending us clear messages that invite us to consciously CHOOSE how we wish to be. It has gifted us road maps to success in the form of our emotions and innermost feelings, which joyfully inform us when we are in alignment with the higher cosmic purpose, and painfully prod us whenever we wander off course.

It has birthed us into a wondrous field of abundance - a garden of beauty that feeds and supports us like babies, while we slowly mature into the fullness of our capacities. It has showered us with amazing diversity and a full spectrum of talents, skills and abilities we can use to great advantage once we stop viewing those who are different as threatening and learn to collaborate with them instead. The cosmos has laid for us the widest, brightest footpath to success that it knows how to create, and every morning it shines a new light on that path.

There is no right or wrong answer for what we become. No crime or eternal punishment for missing the mark in our youth and from our confusion. We ARE the universe, in person. We are here to test, explore and play with our own capacities. Whatever happens to our species, whether we continue to advance or eventually are replaced by some other higher life form, we all remain part of the ongoing cosmic process, ever learning, ever growing, ever evolving. We ARE the stuff out of which tomorrow will spring.

No mistakes then; only lessons well learned and new opportunities for growth and advancement in wisdom. We cannot fail; we can only leave some work undone, awaiting the energetic commitment of future generations of cosmic life.

Since we ARE those future generations, here and now - why wait? Why not begin now, and see how far we can get?

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