Monday, May 21, 2012

Divine Creativity and the Self

I have come to believe that the Divine is ALWAYS the doer in this world. These days I perceive that we humans are simply temporary living tools through which divine energy flows and manifests into this world, so I no longer claim to be "the doer" of anything that comes into this world through me. I am merely a witnessing presence to divine energy sculpting itself into ever higher and more complex order over time, while filling itself with more love, joy, beauty, wonder, light, harmony, passion, talent and diversity. What a GIFT this is...and how lucky I am to be the perceiver of all of it.

That, over billions of years of organic evolution, I have physically evolved into a complex human being within the magnificent flow of living energy, such that I am today able to become a willing, cooperative tool with Divine energy as it manifests more of its creative intentions within this field of matter is amazing.

That, over thousands of years, I have - as an evolving human being - been gifted an increasing power of self-awareness so that I may literally witness and experience the expression of Divine creative energy as it flows through me in the here and now and inscribes itself on the living canvas of reality, is a wonder.

That I today possess complex emotions and can feel the loving presence of  Divine Spirit as it flows through me and brings forth new concepts, new ideas, greater wisdom and profound material changes is a blessing - one for which I feel unending gratitude.

I acknowledge that none of what I create, or have ever created, is "mine" to possess. Even my body is not mine to possess, but is a wondrous manifestation of the Divine; one I've been graced to occupy - as a witnessing presence - for the very, very short time this body will exist. Thus I willingly offer up all I am, do and will ever bring forth in loving service to the divine creative field of LIFE itself, with endless gratitude for its having manifested me as its living, self-aware tool in this blessed space.

To be in touch with all the above realizations is to surrender: "Not my will, but thy will be done." Out of that surrender arises incredible peace and relaxation, what some have called, "The peace that passeth all understanding."  To relax and allow life to move through you - not demand it be moved by you - is to experience the world as a far more joyful place in which to live. To open the floodgates of creativity by letting go of the belief that the mind's purpose is to dictate what "should be" or "ought to" be done, and to instead allow the mind to serve the Divine field of life by doing what feels energetically life-affirming is to plunge joyfully into the flow of creation and experience the self as divine energy, manifesting.

We know we're in the flow of creation when our actions are effortless; when we don't feel a sense of strain or stress around what we are manifesting. This doesn't mean that what we do is easy; because at times our minds must work very hard to figure out how to do what needs to be done, and our bodies must invest both time and energy to accomplish the task we've set forth. It does, however, mean that what we are doing is arising from joy, from love...and from the profound realization that what we are doing is life-affirming and will be helpful to the amazing field of life that contains us all.

Our present desire for material rewards and for other, external trappings of success we've been trained to seek exists because, for the most part, we've not been allowing Divine energy to flow through us, but have been (mostly unconsciously) blocking its manifestation by doing what our minds have been programmed to believe we "ought" to do. That doesn't usually feel very good; in fact, it's a life path too often filled with stress, pain, suffering, resentment and fear. For submitting to those experiences we therefore demand some tangible reward, like money or fame, otherwise we could not be motivated to put up with so much suffering. When, however, we do what we do for love, with joy, feeling blissful because what is flowing through us is tapping into the best we have to offer of this living instrument that is our body/heart/mind/spirit - and when that system is humming with pleasure to be working at maximum capacity - then even if what we are doing seems difficult, it isn't ever hard. It's beautiful.

And the doing becomes its own reward...particularly because we are doubly graced to be able to observe and relish the wonder of what has arisen and flowed through us!

What a blessing is this life...what need have any of us for anything more?

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